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Are you frustrated with finding the right bee pollen dose for you? When it comes to taking pollen everyone is different. This means that pollen won't affect everyone in the same way, so not everyone will be able to use the same dose effectively. There are many forms of pollen that you can purchase and there is some reasoning behind each form and why one might work better than the others.
Dosage for Pollen Granules
There is one school of thought that says that pollen in raw granule form is best because it's in its raw form. This usually means that you get the most benefit from pollen granules because they are so potent in raw granule form.
The best way to take these granules is to place one under the tongue, because it will dissolve and go into the bloodstream immediately. If someone is sensitive to it, they will know within a few minutes because the uptake is so quick. If nothing happens, then it is safe to go ahead and try another one, and repeat the process until you know what is going to happen.
Dosage for Pollen Tablets
There is no doubt a proper dosage that is appropriate when it comes to pollen in tablet form, and it's no different than when you use granules.
The best way to try them out is to use the recommended dosage, or just take one to see if you are sensitive to them.
In some cases you can chew them which means that you will have a quicker uptake because when you chew the tablets they will go into your bloodstream a lot faster than if you used the capsules.
Those who want to try something that works quickly and efficiently would be wise to try out the granules or the tablets since the uptake is quicker. The quicker it gets into your system the faster you will know whether or not it's going to be effective.
Dosage for Pollen Capsules
Those who plan to use pollen capsules should use them as directed because it's harder to tell how they will affect you in capsule form. The capsules are a good option even though they take a little bit longer to get into the bloodstream.
Capsules are a great way to take pollen because the capsules will keep pollen free from contaminants, and when mixed with digestive enzymes they can be digested easily and ยาเพิ่มขนาดท่านชาย assimilated easily too for the body to use.
Capsules are not regarded as effective as granules or tablets, but the quality of the pollen that you are using is more important than how fast it gets into your bloodstream.
Those who would like to try pollen should always take the lowest dosage first to see how they are affected, and those who don't have a reaction should feel free to use a little more.


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